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Free Jungle Tower android game – Jungle Tower download

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Backstory: Help the Panda and his friends escape the jungle and explore the countryside! One day the bored Panda of the Jungle wanted to leave his Jungle and explore new locations. Help him bounce down through the Jungle Tower getting him closer to the outer world! Collect orbs to unlock his playable friends.
Jungle Tower game – Enjoy this early testing version with Pandas of the well known Helix ball drop game while our friendly developers and brainstorms craft up new challenges and excitement in this fun physics-based arcade game

Jungle Tower is a fun-addicting 3D game can help you pass the time while bored or idle. You can jump into this game anytime and have a good time challenging yourself. This is a lively jumping challenge game in which you have to help a ball fall to the bottom of a spiral maze.
This enjoyable Puzzle is a fun game. Collect orbs as you try completing each level. See how far you can help the Panda and his Jungle friends can you go and have fun!

classic gameplay; New theme!

How to play:

Game is a simple to learn but hard to master. Download Jungle Tower and experience the adventure of the bouncing the Panda and his friends through the Jungle tower levels. Jungle Tower is the right game for you! Watch out though do not not let the bouncing happy Panda or his friends hit the Brittle glass zones in the helix world or you lose!
Challenge your friends for high scores against each other. There are many difficult levels in the Jungle Tower waiting for you. Download Now

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Love lists? we have 13 Crazy wild Panda facts!

Pandas are genuine bears.

Since pandas share the highlights of the two raccoons and bears, researchers have since quite a while ago discussed the panda’s actual order. In any case, a recent report on pandas’ cell particles authoritatively affirmed pandas as genuine bears. Henceforth, pandas have been characterized under the Ursidae family since the examination’s decision.

China has numerous names for pandas.

Since the beginning, the Chinese language gave pandas 20 distinct names. As one of the nation’s characterizing images, pandas have showed up even in China’s most punctual compositions. Among these names, the old Chinese alluded to pandas as spotted bear, bearcat, monster bearcat, and bamboo bear.

Recently conceived pandas are just as large as a stick of margarine.

As grown-ups, pandas become large enough to demonstrate their namesake of monster pandas. In any case, babies are the direct inverse. Upon birth, infant pandas measure multiple times littler than their mom. With the normal size of 5 oz, they just gauge a simple 36 g to 210 g.

Pandas have the stomach related arrangement of a meat eater.

Typically, the panda diet comprises of 99% bamboo. Despite the fact that they as of now eat enormous adds up to make up for bamboo’s poor dietary benefit, their bodies are additionally particular to continue their necessities.

In spite of being herbivores, pandas advanced to have a shorter gut, which is normally just found in carnivores. The exceptional development of their stomach related framework permits pandas to use everything the supplements they require to endure. How’s that for cool panda realities?

Pandas in zoos and facilities have an omnivorous eating routine.

Wild pandas may all be herbivores, however it’s an alternate story for the other pandas. In zoos and other structures, pandas have a more changed eating routine of eggs, fish, and produce.

Infant pandas are brought into the world pink.

Pandas might be known for their unmistakable highly contrasting shading, yet they do not have these hues totally during childbirth. Rather, infant pandas show up generally pink with a fine layer of hair.

Their highly contrasting shading just shows up after around three weeks. Child pandas are likewise brought into the world visually impaired with feeble appendages. Thus, child pandas need to remain in their homes for two months, depending totally on their moms for food.

You can follow pandas in the wild through their “droppings. “

“What goes in, must come out.”
Since pandas need to eat around 38 kg of bamboo for each day, they discharge around 28 kg of crap every day. In the wild, a path of panda crap in all likelihood drives back to their home or cave, which is an extraordinary assistance to analysts. Sadly, this conduct additionally makes them more defenseless against poachers and conceivable annihilation. Certainly one of the more troubled panda realities.

The panda’s name originates from the Nepalese word ‘Nigalya Ponya’.

The Nepalese expression ‘Nigalya Ponya’ truly means ‘eater of bamboo’. The word Ponya later became known as panda to countries outside of Asia.

(Photograph from Pixabay)

Male pandas typically become larger than females.

Male pandas as a rule measure 20% heavier and 10% bigger than females. The commonplace grown-up male can weigh up to 159 kg, which is double the heaviness of a normal man. By and large, female pandas gauge a lot lighter at around 77 kg.

Researchers are dubious why pandas have their shading design.

Throughout the long term, researchers have attempted to comprehend why pandas have strange shades of highly contrasting. In spite of the fact that they haven’t arrive at an official resolution, they recommend that their double shading gives pandas sufficient cover in blanketed and rough natural surroundings.

Wild pandas have a life expectancy of 20 years.

Pandas that live in the wild have a normal life expectancy of 20 years. Notwithstanding, hostage pandas live longer on account of better food and nourishment, coming to as long as 30 years.

Female pandas can mate with a few males.

A female panda can mate with a few male accomplices that contend over her since guys would frequently search for various females who are in heat. Female pandas have birth pace of around 1 fledgling like clockwork.

(Photograph from

Pandas are solid climbers and swimmers.

In spite of being brought into the world powerless, pandas can climb trees as ahead of schedule as 7 months old. Much like different bears, these goliath pandas are likewise solid swimmers. Be that as it may, they don’t normally invest a lot of energy swimming, since they don’t chase any marine life.

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