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Free Download World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game 3.5.0 APK*

Free Download World of Warships Blitz Gunship Action War Game 3.5.0 APK

World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War game is a gunship action war mobile game developed and published by Wargaming in collaboration with Gearbox Publishing.
It was initially released on September 18, 2017.
World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) video game based on World War II naval warfare. World of Warships Blitz is a free-to-play game, a mobile/tablet version of an award-winning Pc version, World of Warships with the same concept.

The Best Warship Game Available On Mobile?
Vehicular simulation games were fairly popular back in the 90s. This is the reason, World of Warships: Gun Boat Action War Game is one of the exceptional simulation video games nowadays representing the historical atmosphere of World War II naval warfare. There are hundreds of different warships to choose from. The game offers 3D realistic graphics with user-friendly customizable controls. You can play this multiplayer video game anywhere and anytime with no worry of lives and timers.

World of Warships Blitz Gameplay:
This gunboat action war game is mainly a multiplayer online battle of different warships in the ocean but it can also be played offline.
World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game is an arena-based game, where you along with your teammates enter an ocean to compete and win against the other players online. The ocean-based arena is from the real world locations of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans.

You can play this game in

Single-Player Mode (Campaign mode)
Online Mode (Team matches/Co-op battles)
Multiplayer remotely connected Mode (with friends against enemies online)

In single-player mode, you can complete solo missions to unlock supplies, new equipment, war upgrades, and new navy ships. You can choose different levels and missions according to the difficulty level with different warships.

In online multiplayer PvP mode, there will be a 7v7 epic fight and your team will fight against the other teams with different players from all over the world. It is also termed as a quick online match.

In multiplayer remotely connected mode, you can play beside your friends against online players.

In all these modes, just like the Pc version, either your team has to destroy all the opponents’ battleships or you have to capture the enemy base for a larger period as compared to the enemy.

There is a wide range of collection of battleships in this game. You can choose from more than 130 legendary warships from Japan, U.S.A, U.S.S.R, or Germany. The warships used in the game are designed according to the real warships used in World War I and World War II. These warships classes include

Aircraft carriers

Every warship is equipped with different types of weapons. Some ships are faster in speed to dodge enemy ships, some have greater gun damage to destroy enemy ships, or some are aerial warships for air tactical attacks. These battleships are also categorized by tier level.
You can also switch your weapons between missiles, torpedos, and heavy guns during the battle.
After playing and winning the battles, you will collect rewards and medals to achieve higher ranks and unlock more perks in the game.
Like all other action multiplayer shooter games, when you enter the arena you have a health bar and a time counter in which you have to win the match.

World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game is an overall tactical and strategic multiplayer shooter game with a real-time battle against real players.

You can watch the trailer of the game in this video.

From where to download World of Warships Blitz?

File Size:

Well, the downloading and installation space of World of Warships Blitz is device-dependent however it generally takes up to +5GB of your device’s free space including app size and in-game downloads. The performance of the game depends on the efficiency of your device’s processor.

World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game download:
You can easily download the game from Google PlayStore for free. As the World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game is completely free, you download this game for your android or iOS from different websites and platforms on the internet as well.
Moreover, World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game can also be downloaded and played on Pc with the help of an emulator like Bluestacks, LDPlayer, etc.

Is World of Warships Blitz Worth it?

One of the most worthy facts is that World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game is free. You can have and can unlock everything in this multiplayer shooter game by just playing and spending time in the game. This game can be proven very interesting for action lovers. With user-friendly responsive controls, smooth graphics, and a soundtrack that sounds exceptional, also matching the scenes on screen can give you intense wartime.
So, it can’t be wrong to say that World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game is one of the most intense action war games on mobile that offers the most polished graphics and a unique realistic physics engine.
However, there are some bugs and glitches present in the game but the developers are regularly updating the game.
If you like warships, gunship battle games, or any third-person shooter games then you will also like playing this MMO naval action 3D multiplayer video game.
So, don’t miss your window, go to the PlayStore, download, install, and play this remarkable game on your mobile, it’s FREE!

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