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Free Download Simply Learn Korean 4.3.0 APK

Free Download Simply Learn Korean 4.3.0 APK

★★★ Learn the Korean language when visiting Korea ★★★

Basically, the Learn Korean Language Application is a FREE language application that will help you communicate in Korean very swiftly and successfully.

Every Korean expression and words are introduced to you in both phonetic and unique Korean composition. A local speaker from Korea records them.

Bookmark your preferred expressions and words to survey them without complaint.

Study your vocab with cheat sheets utilizing the dispersed reiteration method.

Test your insight with fun Korean language test and audit your score.


★★★ Endure when going in Korea ★★★

Utilize the Korean phrasebook to make due in Korea. Extremely significant endurance phrases are incorporated.

For instance, let the application address the Cabbie in Korea to give them where you need to go.

Search all expressions and words to get to what you need rapidly.

★★★ Main Features ★★★

✓ 300+ free Korean phrases and words
✓ Recorded by a native speaker from Korea
✓ High-quality audio
✓ A spaced repetition learning system
✓ Korean quiz to review your skills
✓ Track your learning progress
✓ Save your favourite phrases and words.
✓ Quick search function
✓ Copy the phrases to the clipboard (by clicking long on the phrase)
✓ Play the sound more slowly.
✓ Adjust the quiz and flashcards settings for Korean to English, English to Korean

★★★ Learning Classes ★★★

FREE version:
* Numbers * Time&Date * Basic Conversation * Greetings * Directions Phrases * Directions Words * Eating out in Korea * Sightseeing in Korea * Shopping in Korea * Emergency * Accommodation

PRO version:
* Advanced Conversation * Health * Border Crossing * Questions * Places * Food * Vegetables * Fruits * Colors * Romance I * Romance II * Post Office * Phone & Internet * Banking * Occupations * Business Talk * Hobbies * Feelings * Body * Animals * Family * Countries

★★★ Input acknowledged ★★★

If you like this application, kindly take a couple of moments to give a rating or audit. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Spotted something wrong? Reach out to us at support@simyasolutions.com.


Still here? Read more about this great country,

South Korea is a country that has grown universality in many ways,

This was led not in light of the fact that it is a flawless country with a fascinating history, yet moreover by virtue of an standard society. Any similarity to K-Pop and K-Sensations have gotten particularly renowned around the globe, paying little mind to oftentimes being in the Korean language. This commonness is simply creating as more people pay notice.

People excited about these social things are also reasonably excited about learning Korean with the objective that they can understand what they are checking out. Maybe next time you are going in Asia you can make a stop in the country. Until further notice, here is a survey about the Korean language to help you with getting to handles with what it is about.

interesting facts

Korean, known as ‘Hangug-eo’ (한국어) in South Korea, is the public language of the country. A large portion of speakers, normally, are in South and North Korea, with a gigantic number conveying in the language in China. By virtue of its creating commonness, it is furthermore transforming into an additionally engaging language for people the world over.

Korean uses its own letters all together that it made for itself (more on that later).

Despite imparting in a comparable language, there are recognizable differentiations between the Korean communicated in the North and the South due to their division. This fuses everything from accentuation to address. Regardless, the two varieties are still regularly intelligible, which implies it is so far sensible.

All in all, Korea is a decently little country with a strong effect and culture that has begun to appear far and wide.

The Korean Letters all together

The Korean substance or ‘Hangul’ (한글) is the making game plan out of the whole Korean peninsular. From the beginning look, it may seem, by all accounts, to be a hypothetical mix of lines and circles. Regardless, it is actually a sharp and intuitive substance that capacities outstandingly with the imparted in language.

One of the all the additionally captivating real factors about the Korean substance is about the way where it was made. Already, Korea used the customary Chinese substance. Regardless, this letter set was involved incalculable characters. This was clearly difficult to adjust by and large, consequently it was picked another would be made. The standard item was to help increase instruction, as it was planned to be quick and easy to make sense of how to examine and create.

It was generally formed totally and left to right. These days, it is right now commonly formed left to straightforwardly with western style highlight, making it to some degree less difficult to scrutinize and comprehend.

Each character is included little pieces and shapes. These address a syllable and all things considered identify with the condition of the mouth when they are being verbalized. Using this system, it ends up being significantly more straightforward to tell and remember how a character is verbalized.

With these factors in blend, it makes learning significantly less troublesome than some various vernaculars. You should look at it and see what you think.

The Structure of Korean grammar

In Korean, activity words come at the completion of the sentences. This is a characteristic seen in other SOV tongues, for instance, Japanese, anyway it can in like manner occur in lingos like German. Japanese and Korean offer a couple of syntactic parts anyway it is so far dark in case they are associated regardless.

Honorifics appear in Korean, much equivalent to in Thai. The association between the speaker and those being tended to is in this manner a critical idea. The honorifics influence different parts of a sentence. Activity word endings must be changed and unequivocal language ought to be familiar with tending to someone of more critical position master for example.

There are furthermore two unmistakable number systems being utilized in current Korean. One is the ‘nearby Korean’ set and the other is the Chinese influenced set. Generally speaking, the nearby system is used for counting numbers 1-99 and things like age. The Sino-Korean structure comes into usage for things like dates, money, and for counting anything more than 100.

These structures are tangled and make it all the more difficult for English speakers to get Korean. Make an effort not to let that stop you notwithstanding. On the positive side, there are no gendered words or articles to worry over.

Furthermore, as referred to beforehand, the substance races to adjust also. The fundamentals are genuinely easy to get to handles with. As you discover extra, you should have the alternative to take on the all the additionally testing points of view.

Just an Extraordinary Language

As ought to be self-evident, Korean is a genuinely amazing language. For sure, it is occasionally seen as a language disengage. Having amassed its own letter set, part into two, and getting one of the most prosperous countries on earth, it has a truly fascinating history. The sum of this has had impacts on the language which have shaped it to what it is today.

Whether or not you are enthused about tolling in to your favored K-Pop band or need to watch your K-Shows without subtitles, learning Korean has never been all the more notable. An uncommon strategy to start is using the Ling application to test, train, and exhibit to yourself that you can do it. Offer it a chance today.

Website: www.simplylearnlanguages.com/korean
Facebook: www.facebook.com/simplylearnlanguages/
Feedback: support@simyasolutions.com

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