Download Nova Launcher 6.2.12 APK

Download Nova Launcher 6.2.12 APK

Description of Nova Launcher

When you go looking for Android launcher software, it’s hard to ignore the mighty Nova Launcher.


A thoughough overview of the mighty Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher replaces your home screen and device cabinet by swiping up on the home screen of your phone to scan over the rundown of frequently available application symbols. In any case, you will not see much in the method of progress on the default settings, which is on the basis that Nova Launcher adheres to a genuinely vanilla understanding of the home screen of Android.


If you have never used Nova Launcher, you can be surprised at how comparable it looks to Android’s stock home screen. Pressing and long-pushing on the home screen pulls down a multi-button menu that allows you to change your home screen backdrop, embed gadgets, as well as dispatch the settings menu. The essential customization decisions are not too unique. A home screen selector button close to the screen’s highest point is a good contrast; clicking it reassigns the default home screen.

Tapping upon this Widget’s button raises a rundown of gadgets from the apps you have installed on the phone, and can arrange them on the home screen by tapping and pressing on all of them. Be that as it may, when you press and hold on a device, you may see anything other than planned. You get an accordion menu with four different menu options when you raise your finger: Delete, Resize, App Info, and Settings.


Burned out when you look at the standard, worn out home screen? If you are tired of having a mobile phone running the Android working structure of Google, there is good news for you: You no longer need to suffer the dullness. Android retains what is known as outsider launchers, custom apps with new highlights, topics, and upgrades that supercharge your home screen. There is an extensive range of launchers to look at, but the degree of cleanliness and adaptability of Nova Launch is barely approachable.

Nova App substitutes your home screen and computer cabinet by swiping over a rundown of program icons that are usually available on the home screen of your phone. But you can see little in the regular advancement solution because Nova Launcher has a genuine vanilla perception of Android’s home screen. Nevertheless, there is a lot Nova Launcher can do that is not automatically self-evident. And it is sure to amaze you with the features it provides you with. The features of Nova Launcher are discussed below.


Nova Launcher is one of the most popular main screens in the smartphone industry for third parties. If you’ve never done it before, the excitement for it can seem quite peculiar. What could be so lovely about increasing the number of rows and columns on your main screen or downloading icon packs is that many default launchers already support similar features, right?

Nova Launcher is an excellent and exquisite launcher that allows you to adjust your home screen pieces, symbols, and envelopes. In Nova Launcher, one of the highlights that stands out and has some kind of impact is its extraordinary realistic consistency. Indeed, in three measures, even the fundamental operation of sliding the finger to move work areas indicates a nuanced advance.

Nova Launcher helps you to redo the signals you use on your gadget, aside from tasteful problems. You can also set up alternative forms of shaking your Android gadget. For the paying form, such as it is, a section of the highlights is recalled. Other than this, you can also change the icons on your various work areas and enhance the settings of your phone to import and use different gadgets. This means that you can leave it as it is and enjoy what it has to offer if you like the look on your mobile phone. Moreover, Nova Launcher also consolidates class adaptability to give an alternative home screen filled with extra possibilities, which proves to be a real fortune for Android customization admirers.

Barry, author of TeslaCoil,

the company behind the immensely popular Nova Launcher, tackled the barriers to the Google Now API, which Google is now putting aside.

Barry couldn’t want anything more than offer customers the option to add a Google Now screen, as you would imagine. Nova Launcher as well as Nova Launcher Prime, and besides, are pressed with alternatives for customization. It will be an easy process to add swipe-to-Google now.

The problem is that Google restricts the use of the Google Now API to framework applications. Truth be told, it is possible that there are also OEMs with a few limitations out there.

There is only one Android manufacturer that is currently investigating various ways to integrate Google into its exclusive launcher: that is Sony. It later introduced the feature to its Xperia Home launcher’s beta adapt (the element was eliminated in the last update). Barry hypothesizes that Google may have even allowed Sony to use it.


Be that as it might, the root option is consistently there, right? Exactly not. Barry explained why TeslaCoil does not offer the alternative to swipe-to-Google Now for root customers. This will entail the implementation of Nova Launcher as a system program that could irritate Google and impact critical utilities, such as the ability to get OTA refreshes. In addition, the element could stop working anytime, whether purposeful or not, in the light of modifications in the Now API.

Nova Launcher’s creator is somehow or other optimistic that Google will eventually open the Google Now API to outsider programmers. Still, he warns that it could take years to stand by.


What’s more, at the moment, this means users are probably not looking to discover a more stable Android launcher. Google App developers are the ones who find out what permissions are required for each application. The customers get the final results and can agree on the decision. From the outset, using launchers can be daunting, and having a decent Android experience isn’t necessary. It merits playing with launchers, all things considered, as they can add a lot of significant value and inhale new life into telephones with dated programming or alarming stock highlights.

Nova Launcher is one of the Google Play Store’s most used Android launchers. It is quick, efficient, light, and the advances it provides are beautiful and smooth. Dock customization, warning identifiers, and modifying organizers and symbols are underpinned by this.

It provides an option in the mainline of the application cabinet to display commonly used apps, just as many motions to adjust the treatment of your home screen to your inclinations. The best trade-off between dainty, pace, and customization capabilities is positive for Nova Launcher. It provides various subjects and is feasible to deal with your gadget’s design aesthetic with custom symbol packs. It helps you adjust the size and layout of the structure on the start screen, the size of the edges, the dock presence, and even the action when looking over pages.

You can easily reset your default settings for your interface to the new Android Device by supporting your settings.


  • Full UI customization;

  • Practical night mode with the application integrated;

  • Daily expansion by releases of new highlights.


  • Gestures and warning documents kept for the paying variant;

  • Applications for admission to different authorizations (position, stockpiling, organization)

  • There are so many possible options that some investment needs to be made. 


Due to its similarity with a few topic engines and mods accessible for Android, there is a tremendous fan following for Nova launcher. The basic feature of the launcher seems to be the effortlessness to tweak the launcher. Moreover, Nova Launcher has different tastes, making it the best and the most widely used launcher.


Usually, the default launcher on your phone is intended to show the best highlights of your gadget. As a consequence, it is not normally the fastest or generally the most powerful. In the Play Store, you’ll find a colossal number of newcomer launchers, and many are updated for speed. The Nova Launcher won’t mess with the phone.

It may use a small amount of battery, but it is a small distinction. On the off chance that you are using Samsung with subject utility, you can redo your phone significantly more without Nova at that point. I highly recommend that you get Nova Launcher as it gives you a lot of strategies for customization. For only a single dollar, occasionally paying variants can be found.

The default launcher ALWAYS depletes less force than add-ons. This is some unacceptable region to look besides if you need power saving. Let everything out on the off possibility that you need a launcher, but it hinders your phone and sheds more battery as it runs OVER your regular one. The Nova launcher won’t drain your battery. However, the widgets that use will affect the battery life, as they need to be refreshed from time through time, which in turn keeps the processor awake at intervals.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission for optional screen off/lock functionality.
Fixes and optimizations

App Information of Nova Launcher

App Name Nova Launcher
Package Name com.teslacoilsw.launcher
Version 6.2.12
Rating 9.8 ( 1251538 )
Size 10.6 MB
Requirement Android 5.0+
Updated 2020-05-19
Installs 50,000,000+

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